Trustees Sell $2.3 Million TOLI Policy for $900,000 to Preserve Estate’s Liquidity During COVID-19 Economic Crisis

ORLANDO, FL  May 27, 2020 - Asset Life Settlements, LLC, one of the nation’s leading life settlement brokers, announced that the COVID-19 economic crisis has motivated some retirees to sell unwanted or troubled policies to generate liquidity.

For those who meet the qualification criteria, selling an unwanted life insurance policy for as much as six times the cash surrender value is a financially smart option – especially for policies with no cash surrender value that might otherwise lapse.

The company cited a recent life settlement transaction involving a $2.3 million trust-owned life insurance policy for a 93 year old insured. With annual premiums spiking to $232,000, the policy was draining cash assets from the trust. Maintaining the policy was becoming a financial burden on the adult children trustees who were experiencing insufficient liquidity resulting from the COVID-related financial crisis. The policy had no cash surrender value and was on the verge of lapsing. The family realized the most prudent option was to sell the policy.

As brokers for the transaction, Asset Life Settlements negotiated with multiple market buyers and received 10 offers ranging from $450,000 to the high, winning bid of $900,000. The trustees were pleasantly stunned to receive the cash windfall which they used to stabilize the cash assets in their mother’s estate.

For seniors who may be interested in selling their unwanted policies, it is important to remember that obtaining the highest possible value requires using a life settlement broker who is experienced at negotiating with institutional funders. As one of the nation’s leading life settlement brokers, Asset Life Settlements is bound by a fiduciary duty to represent the policy seller’s best interests in each transaction. The company fulfills their duty to the seller by engaging in a rigorous, auction-like bidding process to obtain competing offers from multiple buyers in order to generate the highest possible cash offer for the seller’s policy.

About Asset Life Settlements, LLC

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