In today’s consumer-first environment, your clients rely on you to make recommendations that are in their best interests.

Sometimes looking out for your client's best interests may involve selling an unwanted or underperforming life insurance policy so that the cash proceeds can be repurposed to address other financial needs.

Entrusting the sale of your client’s life insurance policy to a life settlement broker is one of the most important decisions an advisor can make. That's because partnering with the right life settlement broker is essential to obtaining the highest possible value for your life insurance policy.

As your partner in the secondary market, our goal is to help you and your client “sell with confidence.” We want you to walk away from the transaction knowing you received the highest possible cash offer and left no money on the table.


As your partner in the secondary market, our goal is to help you and your client “sell with confidence

Advantages of partnering with us

In addition to negotiating the highest possible cash settlement for your client’s policy, partnering with Asset Life Settlements means advisors also benefit in the following ways

  1. Turn-Key Service: Our turn-key services approach means advisors can hand off their client’s life settlement case to us and we’ll do all the work.
  2. Compensation for Advisors: We believe in rewarding advisors who entrust us with their clients’ life settlement cases. That’s why our compensation/commission structure is one of the most favorable packages available to advisors. Call us to discuss the details.

  3. Medical Records: We absorb all costs for purchasing your client’s medical records. Some brokers and providers charge back to the advisor the cost for obtaining medical records and life expectancy reports, but Asset Life Settlements does not.
  4. Life Expectancy Reports: We shoulder all costs for obtaining life expectancy certificates. Again, other brokers and providers may charge back this cost to the advisor, but we do not.
  5. E&O Coverage: If you have regular E&O coverage, generally it will not cover life settlement transactions. We provide life settlement E&O coverage to our advisors/agents without any cost to them.
  6. No Binding Language in Our Contracts: Some life settlement brokers require a 6-month exclusive right to sell in their agreements. We do not.
  7. Leverage: Partnering with us means advisors are aligned with one of the most experienced life settlement teams in the country. Our 50+ years combined experience in the market dates back to the origins of the industry. We leverage our experience to benefit you and your client.
  8. Fiduciary Duty: As a licensed life settlement broker in the State of Florida, we are required by law to represent the best interests of the policy seller. Partnering with an experienced life settlement broker means that the advisor can feel confident he/she has fulfilled their fiduciary duty to represent their client’s best interests. We recognize that financial advisors today are held to a stronger set of compliance obligations, and Asset Life Settlements has you covered as it relates to fiduciary duty, suitability, and best interest standards.
  9. Customized Marketing Materials: Advisors often need marketing tools to educate their clients and prospects on how life settlements may benefit them. We provide advisors with customized marketing pieces featuring their contact information and photo.

State Licensure and Compliance: Our nationwide footprint

Asset Life Settlements is currently licensed or authorized to do business in 48 states. Licensure requirements and other prudent regulatory oversight by the states are positive for the industry and helps increase consumer confidence that the transaction is safe. Click here to learn more about our state licensure status.

Asset Life Settlements currently partners with financial advisors who practice in states from coast-to-coast. However, a large portion of the life settlement transactions we handle often originate from states with high density populations of seniors, such as Florida, California, New York, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina and New Jersey, and others.



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