What others say about Asset Life Settlements is far more meaningful than what we say about ourselves.

That’s why we are humbled by the gratitude expressed in written testimonials from many financial advisors we’ve worked with over the years. Their candid feedback and words of appreciation add credibility to the statement on our home page video that “We don’t sell to advisors, we help advisors problem solve.”

Recognizing that you and other visitors to our website expect to see content that speaks with an unbiased voice for the purpose of establishing trust, it is our honor to share below a handful of our most recent testimonials.

Recently, I had the good fortune to be introduced to Asset Life Settlements in the course of researching the sale of a large insurance policy. Scott Thomas, founder and principal of Asset Life Settlements, personally took the time to educate me on the specifics of the valuation process and the companies involved. He became engaged from the beginning, arguing for a higher valuation based on the nuances of my husband’s medical condition. The fee charged by Scott’s company was so reasonable it could not have covered the time and administrative expenses involved. Most importantly, the assurances Scott made to me as to the exact parameters of the life settlement transaction were rigorously adhered to and followed by him throughout. Scott’s level of professionalism is premier. He always took my calls or returned them promptly. Please allow me to be a reference if anyone requests one.
Mary E. Conneticut
“After listening to Jeff Hallman speak on life settlements to a group of MDRT members at a recent Top of the Table event, I visited his company’s exhibit booth to pick his brain about a possible life settlement for my client’s $15 million UL policy. I was extremely impressed with Jeff’s expertise and that of his associate, Wayne McClintock, Executive V.P. of Business Development. Following my conversation with them, I left our meeting feeling confident that I had identified the perfect solution for my client’s situation. More importantly, I was energized by the fact that I had formed a partnership with a life settlement broker with unparalleled expertise in the industry. Needless to say, Jeff did a fantastic job negotiating with secondary market funders and driving up the bids to get the most value for my client’s policy. And given Wayne’s location in California, Wayne was a valuable resource to me throughout the process. Considering the complexity of the transaction and my client’s requirement that the life settlement must include a retained death benefit (RDB) with a specific ratio to a cash settlement, Jeff and his team performed an incredible feat. Not only did Jeff negotiate a settlement that achieved the client’s goals, but he did so under less than optimal circumstances considering the precise requirements he was obligated to meet.” 
“Having been spared just in the nick of time from making a huge mistake, I am happy to share my story and testimonial about how Scott Thomas of Asset Life Settlements saved the day. As the trustee for my 84-year-old father’s $3 million life insurance, I had initially entrusted my father’s life settlement case to a local agent who promised to shop the policy in the secondary market and obtain the highest possible offer. After receiving a life settlement contract for only $475,000 from the agent, I was just about to sign the documents when I began to question the amount of the offer. So, before executing the documents, I sought the expertise of Scott Thomas – one of the most experienced brokers in the industry. Scott checked with his provider contacts in the secondary market and learned that the case had in fact not been shopped to multiple buyers. It turns out that the offer I had received represented a single offer from only one provider. Scott immediately set to work by obtaining my father’s medical records, ordering life expectancy estimates, and submitting the case to multiply buyers. Within only a few weeks, Scott presented us with an offer of $1.2 million for my father’s policy. Had I not questioned the initial offer and consulted Scott Thomas, we would have left approximately $725,000 on the table!” 
M.T North Carolina

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