Longevity Planning

As clients advance in age, they may require guidance on a variety of quality of life topics ranging from expenditures for home remodeling in order to age-in-place, to identifying funds for a spouse’s Alzheimer’s care.

That’s why many advisors are embracing LONGEVITY PLANNING as a planning tactic to deepen the relationship with their senior clients. This free tool enables advisors to better understand the challenges of aging seniors, and enhance the actionable, street smart value that clients take away from client meetings.

Download these 20 tips and begin demonstrating your knowledge of the day-to-day challenges and difficult decisions your senior clients face. By offering your clients practical tips in addition to financial guidance, you will be able to deepen your clients’ trust in you and enrich your advisor-client relationship.

Takeaways from this article:

  1. Deepen your understanding of the connection between financial and physical longevity, and why clients expect advisors to help them plan for both.
  2. Discover how the proceeds from selling unwanted policies can play a role in helping clients achieve their longevity planning goals.
  3. Learn about Asset Life Settlements’ turn-key optimization approach to obtain the highest possible offer for your client’s policy.



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