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We are committed to leveraging our industry experience

Asset Life Settlements is committed to leveraging our industry experience as life settlement advisors and brokers to assist insurance professionals in obtaining the highest market value for each client’s life insurance asset. We believe in earning the trust of financial advisors by fulfilling our fiduciary duty to represent the policy seller and by adhering to industry best practices regarding compliance and transparency.

As greater numbers of professional advisors and seniors become aware that life insurance settlements are a financially sound exit strategy for unwanted policies, they will also discover the critical role that life settlement brokers play in optimizing the value of their policies. We recognize you have choices when choosing a broker to represent you in the secondary market, and we want to thank you for visiting our website to learn more about what makes Asset Life Settlements your best choice.

Whether you are a professional advisor researching your client’s options for a life insurance policy on the threshold of lapsing, or a family member of a senior policy owner in need of funds to pay for quality long-term care, our website is designed to provide the answers you need. Before leaving our website, be sure to review our infographic on the Three Stages of the Life Settlement Process.

As one of the nation’s most experienced life settlement brokerage teams, the founders of Asset Life Settlements, LLC assists policyholders in obtaining the “highest market value” for his/her life insurance policy.


Having transacted more than $5 billion in life settlements during the course of their careers, the company's top executives are committed to leveraging their expertise and industry reputation to assist each policyholder in receiving the highest possible value for his/her policy.

As increasing numbers of today’s baby boomers and seniors become aware of life settlements, they are turning to advisors and insurance professionals to guide them in leveraging the full asset value of their life insurance asset in pursuit of its “highest market value.”

As leaders in the industry, we believe that education is a key part of our responsibility. That’s why we have taken the time to author a variety of articles explaining the difference between brokers and providers, and how advisors can set themselves apart by incorporating industry best practices.

That’s why it’s critical for advisors and insurance professionals to partner with the brokerage specialists at Asset Life Settlements who have longevity in the market, an extraordinary track record of success, and access to the industry’s top funding sources. Whether you are an insurance professional, financial advisor, CPA tax professional or a legal advisor, you can rely on Asset Life Settlements to pursue the highest market value for each policy that crosses our desk.

As Proud Members Of The Life Insurance Settlement Association, We Are Compliance-Driven And Are Authorized To Do Business In 46 States.

If you are a financial advisor or insurance professional, your clients often turn to you to for guidance on matters relating to their life insurance coverage. Chances are you have many existing clients to whom you sold policies years ago for income protection or for business purposes. But as client age, family dynamics change.

Expensive life insurance policies that were purchased while the client’s children were still at home or in college may no longer be needed. Or a key man policy purchased as part of a buy-sell agreement may no longer be relevant when the key person decides to retire and sell the business.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Life insurance is often the cornerstone of an estate plan. But as clients reach their retirement years, large life insurance policies often become irrelevant. That’s why many estate attorneys and fiduciaries are incorporating life settlements as a strategic solution for insurance coverage no longer needed to achieve the client’s legacy planning objectives.

CPAs and Tax Advisors

As a tax planner or estate advisor with a fiduciary duty to your high net worth clients or business owners, you’ll want to explore how life settlements for obsolete policies can often be the most financially sound and prudent course of action. Life Settlements can help business clients convert a capital asset into immediate cash.

Business Valuation Appraisers

Business valuation appraisers who specialize in transaction based mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, buy-sell agreements, leveraged buyouts, insolvency and bankruptcy, debt and equity financing and other business proceedings should review the asset optimization potential of life settlements for retiring executives owning key-man policies.

The Asset Life Settlements Team

Jeff Hallman

Managing Partner

Jeff Hallman brings to the company an unsurpassed level of passion and excellence and has earned a reputation among his peers as one of the foremost professionals in the industry. Throughout his career, Jeff closed life settlement transactions valued at more than $2 billion in face value. Jeff began his career in senior life settlements in January 2001 when he found himself as an “early adopter” in an emerging industry that had not yet reached market maturity.

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Scott Thomas

Managing Partner

Scott Thomas brings to the company more than 25 years of professional accomplishments involving executive leadership, client acquisition, and broker services. As one of the industry’s most experienced life settlement professionals, Scott takes a hands-on approach in assisting financial advisors, estate attorneys, and CPAs whose clients are seeking the highest possible value for their life insurance policies.

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Graham Crouch

Chief Operating Officer

Graham Crouch comes to Asset Life Settlements, LLC with more than 20 years of comprehensive insurance industry and financial services experience, including advanced expertise in the secondary market for life insurance, insurance brokerage, and multi-line sales management. He has held leadership positions as a Director, Regional Sales Manager, Field Trainer, and Wholesale Manager with some of the nation’s most well-respected carriers.

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As proud members of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, we are compliance-driven and are authorized to do business in 46 states.

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