Asset Life Settlements Addresses Marketplace Confusion over the Disparate Roles of Life Settlement Brokers and Providers

January 16, 2017

Orlando, FL, Jan. 17, 2017 – Growing interest by aging baby boomers and other seniors is helping to drive momentum in the life settlement marketplace. But according to Asset Life Settlements LLC, a life settlement brokerage and secondary market advisory firm, many seniors and financial advisors seeking to sell their clients’ policies in the marketplace are expressing confusion over the functional roles of brokers and providers.

“Many advisors tell us they are often approached by providers seeking to purchase their clients’ policies, but they are confused about whether by-passing the life settlement broker in a ‘provider direct’ transaction is in the best interest of their clients,” said Scott Thomas, co-founder of Asset Life Settlements. “The short answer is no,” he said.

According to Thomas’ article recently published by LifeHealthPro, circumventing the broker means providers are better able to control each policy’s purchasing price and eliminate competition from other providers who might be willing to pay a higher amount for the policy. The entire article can be viewed at:

Company co-founder Jeff Hallman cautioned advisors and policy sellers to do their research and weigh the consequences of going provider direct. “Life settlement brokers have a duty to the policy seller to negotiate with ‘multiple’ providers for competing offers to obtain the highest possible value for the policy,” said Hallman. “On the other hand, providers have a duty to their institutional investors to purchase policies at as great a discount as possible, whereas a broker does not. So it’s difficult to see how that helps policy sellers who want to get the most out of their insurance asset.” Hallman recently authored an article for California Broker Magazine regarding a life settlement transaction valued at $11.6 million. The client’s estate planning attorney had asked Hallman to broker the transaction and the complexities of the case underscore the importance of using an experienced broker.

Hallman and Thomas added that the broker’s mere involvement in each transaction signifies a competitive rivalry for the purchase of the policy which often motivates providers to strike a more favorable ratio between the policy’s purchase price and the provider’s margin. They indicated that the policy seller obviously benefits when providers can offer as high a price as possible with margins as low as possible.

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