Life Settlements Address Wide Range of Consumer Economic Challenges

March 2, 2016 

Asset Life Settlements reveals results of a recent analysis of cases that illustrate the problem-solving capacity of secondary market settlements

Orlando, FL, Feb. 29, 2016 – Asset Life Settlements, LLC, today released results of an analysis of settlement transactions conducted by the company last year in the secondary market for life insurance.

“We believe in regularly assessing the outcomes and the impact that our efforts are having in addressing real life issues for consumers,” said Jeff Hallman, co-founder of the company. “The secondary market for life insurance policies continues to exist because it creates economic value for senior policy owners, and as secondary market advisors we are pleased to facilitate the process.”

According to company co-founder Scott Thomas, more than 80% of the policies Asset Life transacted in 2015 were universal life policies. “In most of these cases, seniors feel burdened with premium payments and they are looking for options to get the most value out of their unwanted insurance asset.” According to Thomas, the company’s analysis also found that the average offer to our clients was approximately 22% of the policy face amount. Overall, the offers to clients ranged on the low end from 7% of the policy face amount, to 77% of face amount on the high end, for cases closed with Asset Life in 2015.

The company noted three specific cases as compelling examples of the unique problem-solving capacity of life settlements for a wide range of economic challenges facing consumers today:

Funding College Scholarships: This case involved a multimillion policy owned by a private charitable foundation set up by the insured to fund college scholarships for needy students. The settlement transaction enabled the foundation to retain $2 million in life insurance coverage without premium payments. The lack of premium payments enabled the foundation to increase the annual college scholarship awards for low-income students.

Financing Handicap-Accessible Home Remodeling: This case involved a senior with a degenerative disease who wanted to stay in his own home rather than enter a long-term care facility. He no longer needed his $1 million life insurance policy and was able to use $375,000 from the life settlement to finance an extensive remodeling project for his home.

Providing Alzheimer’s Care for Loved One: This case involved a senior with Alzheimer’s disease whose family was struggling to finance quality care for him. The $600,000 in proceeds from a life settlement on his $1 million policy enabled the family to place him in a quality memory care unit, as well as finance the premiums on the patient’s remaining life insurance policy.

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