10 Reasons Why You May Need a New Life Settlement Broker

As a successful agent, you recognize that your livelihood as a producer hinges on your ability to identify each customer’s pain points and to recommend a solution. While sales calls may not seem difficult to others, building rapport over the telephone requires active listening skills and the use of best practices for customer retention.

That said, some agents have told us that their current life settlement broker seems to ignore the importance of the soft skills, such as rapport building and fostering trust.

At Asset Life Settlements, we value our partnership with agents like you and would never take you for granted.

We are mindful of how hard you work to generate clients, of the crucial role you play in the industry, and of your commitment to obtaining the “fair market value” for each client’s life insurance policy.

If any of these ten scenarios apply to you, it may be time to make a change:

  1. Has your life settlement broker dictated the amount of compensation he/she will make on a case?
  2. Have you felt pressured by a life settlement broker to sign an exclusive broker relationship agreement or been threatened with legal action?
  3. Does your life settlement broker speak to you in a condescending or arrogant tone, or make you feel as though he/she has more important things to do?
  4. Do you feel confident that your life settlement broker has covered the entire market by shopping your client’s case to as many funders as possible?
  5. Are you sure your life settlement broker is actually purchasing the life expectancy reports on your cases, which is a requirement for funding?
  6. Does your life settlement broker provide you with a transparent bid history?
  7. Has your life settlement broker over-promised and under-delivered as it relates to the settlement offer you were expecting for your client’s case?
  8. Are you disappointed with the amount of time it takes for your life settlement broker to shop cases and get back to you with an offer?
  9. Are you uncertain if you are working with a licensed life settlement broker?
  10. Is your life settlement contact a “lead generating” organization that aggregates cases and refers them to an another unknown entity/broker?

At Asset Life Settlements, YOU are our No. 1 priority. We aggressively shop each case to multiple funders, provide transparency reports, and circle back to you in a timely manner. And, we pride ourselves on our soft skills, such as maintaining a respectful and positive attitude, listening to your pain points, and building trust.

Call us today at 1-888-335-4769 to discuss your case, and be sure to visit the Compliance page of our website to review our licensure status.